Ensuring Your Family Stays Hungry For A Short While, Is A Huge Favor You Are Doing!!!

Is it not a crime to ask your kids to wait for a few minutes for food?

No. You could actually be helping your child big time if you ask them to wait a few minutes for food.

I am happy that my mom used to ask me to wait a few minutes for the food to get ready

A few days back we were driving with a friend and talking about random topics. Looking at a hording he was mentioned that now advertisements are slowly projecting that it is a crime to make your child wait for food. While that was not the case when we were younger.

I recall that when I was a child, maggie was introduced in the late 80’s/early 90’s. They gave it to all the children in school for free a few times. Many of my friends in due course became regulars of maggie. Now I can see their marketing strategy!!

However my mom never bought into it. I am very happy for that. She is someone who never eats something outside traditional food – no cakes, or pizzas. She used to just have a bite of it if we used to force her to.

So I grew up in an environment where everything was mostly home cooked. There was no store bought masalas, or spices, no ready to eat foods, except the junk from the bakery once in a while. I had to wait for a few minutes for the food to get ready at times.
That is how our parents and grandparents grew up. If I was too hungry, there is always a fruit or a few nuts or yogurt or a clear soup to quickly have as a starter.

But what is the need to go hungry? Is that not bad?

Well the answer is a big NO. There is a very famous proverb – Langhanam paramaushadam. It means that fasting is the highest medicine.
Traditionally in India, there is some kind of fast or the other that is observed at regular intervals. There are also very precise rules about what can be taken and what is to be avoided during each type of fasting.

So how does that fasting help? When we are hungry, the body uses whatever fat reserves it has to meet the energy needs of the body. In this process the body gets detoxified very very quickly and most naturally without any side effects. What I have understood is that the body first detoxifies those cells/parts which are about to be damaged. Just like the way we woman ensure that the fruits that are soft are first consumed – as they are the ones which would get spoiled quickly(so that they do not go waste)
Same is supposed to be the case with our body.

So each time you ask your child to wait for food, there is no need for the mother to feel guilty. You are doing your family the following favours

1. They would not get obese easily.
2. Children will have a good filling meal without any fuss and also without need to snack on junk food soon afterwards
3. They have food on regular time
4. You are doing yourself a favor of not having to run behind them to finish a healthy meal. They are so hungry that they eat whatever is served.
5. They slowly start to get hungry only during meal time and eat the meal fully.
6. They develop good eating habits. Most importantly, your family is mostly healthy.

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