Experience of using Reiki to clear Bangalore traffic

Sometime back we traveled out of Bangalore. Most of the time we give ourselves and our family Reiki healing when there is some health problem or the other within the family. He was continuously healing himself during the travel and experienced great relief from the travel strain.

We had a nice trip and were travelling back to Bangalore. There were some slow moving trucks and we were slightly slowed down by them however my husband wonderfully maneuvered and we were able to reach the desired route in the city soon. Before that we also could manage to stop the car by the side of the road and pick up a couple of wicker baskets as we are trying to reduce the consumption of plastic.

We then continued and were able to overtake a vehicle and move forward but then we saw a huge pile up of traffic. All of a sudden I saw a bunch of vehicles get cleared from the opposite direction coming our way and soon we got moving. Once the clog was cleared we moved pretty quickly.

When we were near our house, my husband said that he did Reiki and applied couple of other mind related principles on the traffic and it got cleared. I had never thought of using Reiki for clearing anything other than physical blocks in the body.

Now I see that Reiki can be used for many things in life like getting abundance, de-cluttering, organizing, optimization, peace in life and much more.

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