Introducing Easy to Cook – High Fibre Whole Wheat Rava Upma Mix with Himalayan Rock Salt

Once in a while would you like to dish out a healthy and wholesome one pot meal in a matter of few minutes by just boiling water.
I use High Fibre Whole Wheat Rava Upma Mix which I use during my travel. This is made of High Fibre Whole Wheat Rava, Seasonings and had healthy Himalayan Pink Salt. I have always just carried either a small rice cooker or an induction stove and provided my family a healthy one pot meal while travelling. Just boil water and add the mix. This is as simple as it gets.

While was was talking to a few friends I found that such a product is something which every woman needs at one point of time or the other. So I have decided to introduce this product. For trying out this product contact me on my mail – OR message me on my FB page – Gayathris Wholesome Foods

If you or your loved ones are staying in a hostel or someone is going abroad or you are travelling, this item in your travel bag will help to make your life much easier and healthier.

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