The Raw Bar -Instant energy bar during Vrath or Fasting

First the Summary –
I found the raw bar to be an instant energizer, that can be easily carried wherever we go and can eat it anywhere without any hassles or attracting any attention.
Just carrying this in the pocket anywhere while on fasting is a easy way to be wonderfully ans fully energized, while on the go in this fast paced world.

Now the story 🙂
Today we were on vratham (fasting or vrath) and not eating cooked food and grains. I broke my fast in the evening but my husband is continuing it even at night and will be breaking the fast only tomorrow.

He is not having any cooked food and is continuing to do his regular tasks. So after a discussion I made the raw bar for him.

He found it to be simply amazing and an energy booster and could not stop having it.
In a matter of minutes the first batch got over and I made the second batch and packed it for him when he went out.

The one which I made today has a lot of exotic nuts and also the added energy which comes with it. Since my elder one likes the shape of cookies I shaped the raw bar like the cookies.

This raw bar has high fat almonds, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, organic coconut oil, organic unrefined honey, and figs and a hint of homegrown basil, that my daughter sold to my husband.

Do comment of the post if you are interested in trying out this raw bar. With your comments I hope to get either inspired to write the recipe or market the raw bar which I make next time around..

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