What I did to get my tomato plant to start flowering

A couple of months ago I had a tomato that was slightly mashed. I did not want it to go a waste. That is when my green finger was active and I had just started to grow basil and pudina from a stem that I got from my vegetable vendor. Actually summer is a great time to get even the kids involved in gardening and my elder one loves to, although is a little naughty 🙂

So I put some seeds into a pot that was already in my balcony, so that they may sprout and grow. In a few days a couple of tomato saplings grew. It was so wonderful to look at the tiny plant to sprout. I wanted to see how soon the tomatoes would start to grow from it. I felt that the plant had to grow a little and then it would flower and then my wonderful tomatoes would soon grow. So I waited, and waited and waited. The plant grew nearly 3 feet tall but the flowering did not happen.

Then I got a couple of other tomato plants from a farm and planted in the house. They also started to grow but did not flower. I changed the soil added more fertilizer but nothing happened.

Then a neighbor suggested that I burry some banana peels/skin next to the plant. The next day or so I just placed a couple of bananna peels around the plant, did not even bury it. Within a week the plants started to flower.
Placing the bananna peel is a very simple and effective tip to get your the tomato plant to flower.

Please try and let me know your feedback. I would really love to know your experience.

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