Whole Wheat Upma Mix with Digestive Fiber

For a few days I will be focusing on a series of foods that have all the goodness of digestive fiber.

Upma Mix with Digestive Fiber

All of us at one point of time or the other have grabbed a pack of ready to cook foods. It could be that you just want to chill out or you had a hectic day and want to fix a quickie or there are a bunch of unexpected guests at home. Or there could be a good friend or family member or yourself having to go abroad or stay in a hostel from studying. Whatever be the case we feel thankful for these ready to cook mixes.

Same is the case with me. With a little one, it sometimes gets hectic, and there are times when I need to fix a meal quickly. I also travel a bit and most of the times need to have a one pot meal ready in a jiffy in my room with minimal cooking. At all these times I have felt that a ready to cook upma mix is a savior. I just need to boil water and add the mix..and wow there is home cooked food ready. Any veggie added is a bonus.

As I started becoming health and food conscious I started to closely inspect the ingredients used in these ready to cook pre mixes. Most of them had insanely huge quantity of refined salt along with preservatives.

Finally I decided to make my own upma mix. For the past 5 years or so I have been using this recipe. It has always been a savior. Once when my husband had to go out of town I sent him a good quantity of this premix. His friend was surprised to see my husband whip out a meal quickly in the rice cooker.

This is a picture of the upma mix which I made the other day. Apart from all the usual spices, it the goodness of the following ingredients.
1. Whole wheat rava/Dalia
2. Digestive fiber which has a whole lot of goodness that most of us a familiar with these days.
3. Seasoning of Whole Urad dhal with skin
4. Unrefined Himalyan rock salt that is potassium rich unlike sea salt.

I would like to share this mix with people interested in healthy food.
Please send a message for a sample or do tag in your friends who might be interested.

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